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  • Apply the most valuable AI algorithms to successfully compete in e-commerce.

  • Gain similar capabilities to global e-commerce competitors.

  • Understand AI's transformation of our communities, economies, and societies.

  • Dramatically increase your knowledge and earning capabilities.

  • Develop tools that can be used in many domain applications beyond e-commerce.

This text contains many diverse “real world” examples of how analytics are employed by different corporations. Virtually any manager will be able to find use cases that will be applicable to their organization.

Dr. Donald Wedding,

Professor of Data Science, Northwestern University

Former Director of Data Science, Sprint & Principal Consultant, SAS Institute

Retail is about data and decision making, especially if you're up against Amazon. Luellen makes a wide range of data gathering, monitoring and decision making techniques and technologies understandable and accessible. A bright light for anyone competing with Amazon. I strongly recommend.

Casey Cowell,

Chairman & Founder, Boomerang-Catapult, LLC

Co-Founder, U.S. Robotics, Inc.

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